Big Temple 1000

Raja Rajeswaram - September 25, 2010 Thanjavur

Association of Bharatanatyam Artistes of India (ABHAI) & Brahan Natyanajali Foundation, Thanjavur (BNF) has conducted BRHAN - NATYA - YAGNA, a grand offering by 1000 dancers to commemorate the 1000th year of the Brihadeeswara Temple, the world's first complete granite temple at Thanjavur.

The 1000 artistes jointly paid obeisance to Brihadeeswara and Raja Raja Cholan by performing together on the evening of 25th September 2010, in the temple premises.

Purpose: To kindle awareness among dancers about the connection between the temple and the dancers in olden times. It is a BRHAN-NATYA YAGNA - a grand offering by dancers to pay obeisance to Lord Brihadeeswara and to show their gratitude to the great king Raja Raja Chola, on the completion of 1000 years of the Brihadeeswara temple.